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Authentication & Appraisal


Brand Authenticity

Both the brand name itself and accompanying paperwork are considered in a watch appraisal. These apply in our evaluation and authentication processes as well. Brands that are particularly valuable fall into the same category as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Hublot, Breitling, and more. It is also the case that the watch’s value will increase if it is still with the original box. These help to determine that the watch is real and made with the high-level craftsmanship associated with that brand.



A watch’s quality is all about the craftsmanship. For generations, the Swiss have been the most prominent in the watch industry in regards to quality. From the mechanics down to the exterior details, Swiss craftsmanship is unparalleled. Most of the prominent high-end luxury brands incorporate Swiss elements into their watches.



The condition of your watch affects the outcome of a watch appraisal or evaluation. Many high-quality durable watches can still be scratched, break, or simply stop moving after time. Non-working watches can still be valuable and accepted for resale but the overall value will be impacted. If a watch is scratched or broken, it will typically fetch lower offers than an identical watch in excellent condition.



This refers to watch the watch is made of. If a watch is made of gold casing versus gold plated casing, it is much more valuable to buyers. The face of the watch can be comprised of rare materials such as mother of pearl, onyx, or even opal. The hands of the watch can also be very valuable, made with white gold, platinum, pearl, steel, etc.


Unique features

Purely mechanical winds, perpetual calendars, and transmitters, are among unique features that some of the most coveted brands include in their watches. These elements set brands apart from others and can help them fetch very high resale prices.


Market Demand

Many watch owners are disappointed when they realize that a watch that was purchased for $15,000 is worth only a fraction of the price. Even if the watch is in good condition and made with high-quality materials, market demand for that particular watch can fluctuate, affecting the resale price. Worthy gives you the right to decline the highest bid if it isn’t to your satisfaction.


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