Who We Are

PASS Appraisal Centre is founded by Timepiece Master Andy Chan in 2018, specialised in watch appraisal. The founder Andy Chan has started his career with Rolex as a technician, for over 12 years, empowered him with comprehensive knowledge in Swiss luxury watch. He was then left Rolex to explore and challenge himself to higher precision and technology in the Swiss luxury watch industry, including IWC, Cartier, Patek Philippe and etc. During this period of time he was comprehended with all the knowledge and method to authenticating all type of luxury watch and designer handbag in the market, and gaining fame in the said industry. Due to his enormous knowledge in Swiss watch he being invited to work as management in Shanghai for 5 years, and also providing training of authentication & appraisal in the company. With all his passions, experience, skills and knowledge he was determined to start up his own appraisal centre – PASS, to provide his services and knowledge to the public.

PASS Appraisal Centre’s appraisal process takes physical appearance, functionality, rarity, and general condition into account in order to provide an estimate of monetary value, often for insurance or tax purposes. Watch appraisals provide a dollar value that can be used to determine the cost of a replacement if an insurance claim is ever needed, as well as to provide the taxable value of an item. In all, there are 27 different types of appraisals. All should culminate in a definitive statement of value with a seal or an authorized appraiser’s signature. The certificate should include a statement of the appraisal purpose.


Our Great Commitmment

Our mission is to provide consumer a fair third party appraisal and reduce the bias and discrimination leading to undervalued and creating loss to the consumer.


We Are Waiting For You