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Designer Handbag
Authentication & Appraisal


Brand Authenticity

Initially, each handbag will be thoroughly inspected from stitches to general construction and craftmanship; from its anatomy of ground up, inside out. Then references and comparing by draw from PASS database of millions images, and details shots, comprising logos, stamps, stitching and leathers of all relevant brands.


Shape & Size

Our experts has been familiarised with each designer iconic silhouettes. For example a genuine model of Hermès handbag would be a paragon of perfect symmetry, with no bulges or irregularities in shape. And the size is standardized of each designs without any deviations.



TTexture and the scent is another important assessment points. Authentic designer handbag would have a subtle leather scent compared to counterfeit versions, which often have an overly heavy leather, glue or plastic smell. While different designer handbag has its specialties in its leather, such as Chanel used to have butter-soft lambskin. Besides, colours has also been another material verification method to identity the authenticity of the particular designs and its series.



Especially to Hermès handbag, due to its artisanal nature, to be done by hand stitches, the “too perfect” would be done by machines, however it would never be messy looking, loose threads nor wandering lines. However, in terms of Chanel handbag’s iconic diamond quilting is machine stitched and thus look immaculate. To identify Chanel handbag, we could look at the quilting each with up to 11 stitches per diamond panel, which is a common discrepancy between authentic and fakes.


Heavy Metal

The colours of metal should be consistent from zips to buckles and screws; movement of zip should be smooth; the type of screws; and the finishing of the logo are all the indication of the authenticity of designer handbag.



As standard all designer bag has a serial numbers and specific logo print to ensuring the style and brand is matching up to declares its authenticity.


Grading and appraisal

Designer handbag will be graded in regards to its conditions unused, the signs of wear, any imperfections, or aged visibly and gracefully. While the appraisal will be based on the grades of the handbag’s conditions together with its current market demands to extend the life cycle of the authentic high-end designer handbag.


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